Spray Bath Mats

Spray Bath Mats

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Rubber Backed Bath Mats: Suitable For Hard Wearing Flooring

Highly featured with strong decontamination & water absorbent ability, this floor beauty maintains hygiene and keeps surface neat and clean as the lower surface is made up of rubber backed bath mats. These are available in wide selection of colors; a way to residential interior and exterior too. This material is easy to clean; a surface that gets suitable for hard-wearing flooring like bathroom arena, gyms, basements, rest room, playrooms and so on. The elasticity of rubber flooring makes it very quiet to walk on.

Made With Microfiber & Rubber- Perfect for the Sensitive Skin

Spray bath mats upper portion contains microfibers that catch every tiny dust particle. The fine weaves endure firmness to the mats; it assures knitting of the weaves stay intact in their place and doesn’t get plucked out of the corners as stitching has done with a modern technique that assembles the fabrics in a proper way. It also ensures strength to the floor for sustaining physical damage. The contour design soothes the tired nerves of the foot. Highly sensitive skin is perfectly protected under this unique fabric that protects skin against rashes, allergies and high disinfection.

Rubber Bath Mats: Longer Durability with Easy Maintenance

Rubber bath mat is a stain resistant and has a longer durability; it’s a soft and comfy underfoot. Placing on the floor emerges like a unique decor with its soothing & classy shades. This safety element makes the floor non-slippery and offers a feel of cushioning when placed on the hard surface. This is a cost effective solution for longer durability. Installing this at the home once never has to replace them again. Simply convenient as when not in use, they are easy to roll up. These are easy to maintain in cold water with mild detergent.