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Yoga Mats

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Washable Non-Slip Cotton Yoga Mat

Washable Non-Slip Cotton Yoga Mat

Washable Slip Resistant Cotton Yoga Mat 60 x 190cmSize: 60 x 190 cmThickness: 4mmWeight: 1.70kg4 Col..

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Non Slip Yoga Mats: Have a Peaceful Session of Yoga

Something between you and the floor is none other than the yoga mats while doing yoga. Non-slip yoga mat adds some light padded surface to the floor and helps to prevent slippage. So if you are doing yoga on the plane surface, then drop the idea as it gonna leaving you cold. Doing yoga on a hard floor, it’s a big no. Using yoga floor prevents you from slipping. The hard surface will draw your attention throughout the session and you will experience soreness unrelated to muscle building, so for continuing a peaceful session and for comfort factor yoga mat is the ideal thing.

Cotton Yoga Mats: Boost Up Your Yoga Session with Premium Quality Fabric

Cotton yoga mats are made up of premium a quality fabric which is useful in protecting from the germs. If doing yoga in an open area your barefoot gets a touch to the ground many times, using yoga mat is probably a good idea. It makes terrain, sand surface, and grass etc. comfortable by placing a yoga mat and gives your best performance. It offers great guidelines for making a body placement.

Your mat deserves one wash in a while since your sweat, the oils from your body and any lotion make it dirty. Cleaning a mat is pretty easy, you don’t have to spend a lot of time but you need some space in the tub to do the best job possible. Too much of detergent would just make the mat more slippery which is not advisable. Shop yoga mat from the online store of bathmat and improve your overall balance. 

Yog Asna- one more step closer to Natural!

Yog Asna is all natural yoga mat which brings you a step closer to nature. This Eco-friendly, cotton mat is washable and easy to care and use. Cotton yarn on surface and skid-resistant natural latex back makes it completely natural mat, best for daily workout of your body, mind and soul.